The City Leash

By Canines First.

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About Canines First

Canines First offers a variety of products designed to make training your dog easier and less stressful for both you and your dog. Our catalogue is curated personally by Susan Strough, who has over 20 years of experience helping owners to create an environment of practical and easy living with their pet dogs. Some of the products listed, like the City Leash, are of Susan's own invention. Susan also provides training services for owners living in and around Dallas, Texas.

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Word on the Street

Because of the soft, round leather, it is easy to use them with 2 or 3 dogs at a time and still feel in control. So many leashes are too long or can cause discomfort if the dog pulls or is still learning because of the material or size. Of course the best part is that it is so versatile and can easily be converted to help free up hands while out and about.

Alexis Daniel

Word on the Street

Hands down, City Leash is the best leash I’ve had. While perfect for walking, it’s best to use is restaurant patios and where I can easily tethering him to a table without having to contend with the extra length of a standard leash.

Melissa McCleskey

Word on the Street

"I love the knowledge, friendliness, and help of the people here. They provide a great service which is much needed."

Philip Erwin

Word on the Street

"Susan helped our pup conquer potty training in a townhome before he could figure out the stairs. Each lesson was very educational for both us and our pup, and our pup absolutely loved the training and Susan." 

Jordan Nix

Word on the Street

"The City Leash is our new favorite brunch and happy hour accessory."

Taylor B.

"Make your dog as happy as possible every day."

-Susan Strough