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Canines First Owner and Expert

Susan Strough, owner of Canines First, began her career as a pet obedience trainer and behavior consultant in 2000.  She conducts seminars on canine behavior for boarding facilities, pet sitting companies and veterinary clinics, and  has made appearances on Good Morning Texas as well as being featured in print and on line magazines such as Home and Heritage and Best Friends News and Events.

She has participated as a training consultant for US Hero Search and Rescue K9 Team and was chosen as a Training Partner for Best Friends Training Partners Program which helps dogs across the country get the behavior and training help they need.  Additionally, she maintains an IACP Professional Level membership.

As the owner of Canines First, Susan Strough’s methods are gentle yet assertive, and they are easily learned by each dog’s owner.

While she does adhere to the basic positive-reinforcement principles of behavior shaping, Susan knows that not every method works for every dog, and not every training tool is right for every dog. She looks at each case individually, evaluating and assessing your dog’s needs so that no time is wasted on ineffectual training methods. All dogs are equal in Susan’s eyes. From the Maltese to the Great Dane, every dog needs understanding and a firm but loving leader.

The dog that can look to his owner for leadership is a happy and healthy dog.

Susan is from Oklahoma, where her father fostered her love for dogs. In addition to the companionship she enjoyed with her father’s hunting dogs, she was given her own dog at age 9. This unwitting Cocker Spaniel would be her first student. After attending college, Susan moved to Dallas and found a career opportunity in the dog-loving people of the city. Schedule a Training.

The introduction of The City Leash by Canines First. 

When Susan began training dogs, she tried every available leash on the market and settled for a 4 ft leather leash. Ultimately, this leash still had too much excess leash to comfortably walk a dog on a city sidewalk without getting tangled or having too much slack. Many walks and leashes later, Susan decided to design her own. Introducing The City Leash! Now available online with nationwide shipping. 

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