City Leash FAQs

What is the City Leash?
The City Leash is a dog leash made for comfort, safety and training. It’s length makes it easy to manage or train your dog in urban and suburban environments.

How is the City Leash different from most other leashes?
Most other leashes are made with inferior materials and are much too long for anyone’s purpose.

Is the City Leash chew-proof?
No, this leash is not chew-proof. Do not leave a puppy or a dog with a tendency to chew on its leash unattended with The City Leash.

What is the purpose of the handle with a snap?
You can use the snap handle to tether your dog for safety such as when you’re dining on a patio restaurant or you can use it to tether your dog when training a long distance “stay”.

Why is the leash 34” long? Aren’t most leashes at least 4’ long?
I always believed the extra material was unnecessary and cumbersome. It made my job harder and my walks a little less pleasant.

Is there any problem using the leash for two dogs at once?
No problem at all. Simply unsnap the handle and attach it to the 2nd dog’s collar or harness.

Why is there only one width offered?
The City Leash is designed for people that are able to control their dogs or are in the process of being able to control their dogs. Its width is chosen as a universal option appropriate for dogs of all sizes that are trained or are undergoing training. Its purpose is not to hold the constant or most powerful tension from a large dog although we have no evidence that it couldn’t. If you are in charge of a large and powerful dog that is often at the end of its lead you might consider a lead that guarantees that type of security.

What is your return policy?
If you decide not to keep your City Leash return the leash within 30 days for a full refund.

Will this leash teach my dog to walk next to me?
No, it will not teach your dog to walk next to you but it makes training your dog to heel much easier by eliminating the unnecessary and cumbersome length of most other leashes. The City Leash is intended to be a tool that allows you to apply training techniques effectively.

Does the dye used to color the leash transfer?
We have not observed any transfer of dye.