The City Leash

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  • This beautiful and functional leash was thoughtfully designed by yours truly with your comfort and your dog’s safety in mind.
  • Round, soft leather, and one-size-fits-all 
  • The material and shape were chosen for comfort and strength.
  • The leash’s length is designed to stop at your dog’s elbow, greatly reducing the likelihood that it will become entangled. Its perfect length is also an asset to safety as it helps to prevent your dog from moving too far from you and possibly engaging in unwanted interaction with a jogger, cyclist or other dog.
  • Just grab the handle and go. The leash can be attached to any training collar,  your dog’s everyday collar or harness.
  • The snap handle allows you to tether your dog instantly without having to remove the leash or attempt to tie a knot to secure your dog to your patio table at the dog-friendly restaurant.
  • Additionally, the leash can be easily thrown around your neck and secured for off-leash play and is short enough to stay off the ground while you're doing your duty picking up the doodie.
  • The leather is sustainably sourced and the dye used to give them their remarkable colors is made with a vegetable base, helping to reduce the creation of toxic pollutants