Dogtra IQ Mini Plus

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The Iq mini plus is for mild to moderate mannered dogs. Most pet dogs fall into this category. It is appropriate for dogs as small as 7 pounds. The curved, molded contact points create the most comfortable remote collar available.  Dogtra’s IQ mini plus is very user friendly and has the ability to be expanded to a 2 dog system. In addition to being comfortable the receiver is small and light weight. As with other Dogtra collars it comes with a neoprene strap that adjusts to perfectly fit any dog, and the receiver is waterproof. The receiver has a range of 400 yards. The mini’s remote is a vibrant yellow and black color making it easy to locate. Unlike other less sophisticated versions meant for small dogs, the batteries do not need to be changed. Instead, the IQ mini plus charges overnight like other high quality collars. It may be small, but it does the same job as the big boys. The new IQ mini has replaced the standard IQ for as the standard for my work and my recommendation. I feel that it does the same job but while keeping the dog more comfortable.