How the City Leash Came To Be

When I began training dogs, I believe I tried every available leash on the market and settled for a 4 ft leather leash. This was the best I could find, but I was never fully happy with it. It was still too much leash to comfortably walk a dog on a city sidewalk without having to take up slack to prevent the leash from falling so low that the dog would quickly step over it. I grew tired of dropping my slack and gathering it repeatedly. If I weren’t constantly monitoring the excess leash, I would spend much of the walk untangling the dog from the leash and consequently rubbing my aching lower back.  I finally had enough and simply decided I would design a leash that made me happy.

For the comfort of human hands, I designed it to have a round shape and to be made of a soft and flexible material.  For the comfort of our backs and an uninterrupted walk I wanted it to be just the perfect length so that I could hold the leash by the handle and walk down the street with a significantly decreased chance that I would have to untangle the dog from the leash.

Finally, I wanted the handle to possess the function of an instant attachment to a sturdy fixed object to make training and patio dining a cinch. No more taking the leash off of the dog to loop it around a pole while struggling with the other hand to keep the dog from running into the coffee shop parking lot. No more practicing knot skills while your dog waited not-so-patiently for training to begin. Just unclip and clip again, just as fast as you can say it. Dog secure.

Now, you may enjoy your coffee with one hand and hold your phone with the other while your fur baby looks at you admirably contemplating your brilliance at having chosen such a beautiful, safe, and functional leash.

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