“Without the extensive knowledge and hands-on approach of Susan Strough, our Labrador would not be the cherished member of our family that he is today. Susan used a firm but loving technique combined with a total understanding of canine development and personality traits to help me quickly achieve my goals of a well-behaved family dog. I feel fortunate to have met Susan and continue to work with her on advanced canine training.”

Tina M.
Dallas, Texas

“Susan is a phenomenal teacher. She gives clear instructions that not only allow dog owners to train their dogs on a particular skill but transfer the technique to other types of canine behavior.  I recently took on a new puppy and look forward to working with Susan when he comes of age.”

Kathryn A.
Richardson, Texas

“Susan treats dogs with complete respect, and they in turn learn very quickly to trust and respect her. Her positive approach to behavior modification puts both the dogs and their owners at ease and allows for a very high level of success. She proves that with a gentle hand, patience, respect and trust, any dog can be a great dog!”

Patty L.
Richardson, Texas

“Because I have a number of dogs and enjoy working with them, I have been to many (if not most) of the trainers in the area. And I can truly say that Susan is by far the best instructor. She has a wealth of knowledge, a variety of techniques that work, and makes owners and their dogs feel motivated and special.”

Leslie M.
Richardson, Texas

“Susan has a real gift when it comes to dogs. She was very instrumental in helping me with my new 4-month-old puppy. The tips and tools she showed me in regard to training my dog were so very helpful, and I was amazed how quickly she responded to Susan’s direction and guidance. I owe my entire puppy’s good behavior to her. Thanks, Susan!

Debbie B.
Dallas, Texas

“Susan Strough is Dallas’ counterpart to the Dog Whisperer. She knows dog psychology.”

Diane F.
Dallas, Texas

“Susan Strough was a natural with my Golden Retriever, Bailey. Bailey stayed with Susan for two weeks and came back to me an amazing, obedient dog. She still rings the bell to go outside and walks next to me like a guide dog!”

Susan R.
Dallas, Texas

“My wife and I adopted a dog from the SPCA and, unbeknownst to us, the dog had some aggressive tendencies. If it had not been for Susan’s expertise and patience, we most likely would have had to return the dog to the SPCA. What makes Susan so successful is that she chooses her training techniques based on the needs of the dog and does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks for the help, Susan.”

Holland H.
Addison, Texas

“The skills I’ve learned from Susan helped me create a very stable bond with my Beagle. I can take her anywhere dogs are allowed, and she behaves well and safely. Her instructions were clear, her personal guidance was creative, and her positive reinforcement was consistent and essential. I value the opportunity to consult with her on any future dog/people behavior issues.”

Arlene K.
Richardson, Texas

“I adopted a 2-year-old Border Collie with a number of behavior problems, including severe aggression toward other dogs. After working with Susan, Lacy not only earned her Canine Good Citizenship Award, but now she gets compliments on her good behavior everywhere we go.”

Lisa W.
Irving, Texas

“For the first week we had her, Grace wouldn’t come out of her crate. I would have to pull her out by her leash to get her to go outside. Taking her to Susan was such an important step for her (and me) to be out around people and other dogs, to get some confidence and learn basic commands. People who visit now are just amazed that it is the same dog that used to hide in our room around the corner from them. Thanks!”

Cindi H.
Lewisville, Texas

“Izzy is doing fantastic!!! Wow is all I can say, and I must say it makes me so happy to see her almost act normal. George has been walking her, and her spinning has ceased dramatically. I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!”

Liz T.
Mansfield, Texas

“I took Zoe to the farmer’s market, and she was so well behaved; you would have been proud. Also, we went to the dog park, and she walked properly, sat at each gate and waited to be invited into the park. Thanks so much for your help and informative instruction. I am looking forward to the next step.

Julie F.
Plano, Texas

“I just thought you would like to know that when I went to brush Sammy this afternoon, he sat as soon as he saw what I was going to do. It was so cute! I see him improving every day, and I appreciate what you are doing for him.”

Ernest N.
Plano, Texas

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with Gus’ walking now. Last night he ran 2.75 miles with me with ZERO slip-ups. Never ran ahead or in front of me, and my arms were going in normal motion. It was great! One of my goals for him was to go on long runs with me, so I’m very excited. Wanted to let you know in advance that we enjoyed everything that we learned from you. Gus may be the hyper kid at school, but I can see his progress.”

Kristen L.
Little Elm, Texas

“Hi Susan,
Wow! Hogan, my Beagle, has not done any ‘revenge’ marking this whole week. It has been awesome. I am not going to let up on the crating yet, as he still gets up on the table and counter and goes for the food. One problem down, just a few
more to go.

Please know that your advice was very helpful. I wish we lived closer so that he could benefit from your expertise first-hand. Idaho, in general, is still in the Dark Ages when it comes to animal welfare, so being able to consult with you via telephone is invaluable to me. I truly appreciate your advice on Hogan’s behavior issues. He will be a good dog someday, and you helped save him from euthanasia.


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