“Our 1-year-old Golden Retriever was losing weight even though we were feeding her three times per day. Susan suggested that we switch her diet from dry food to raw food as it seemed that Molly wasn’t absorbing her dry food. We tried the raw food and noticed an immediate change in the size of her bowel movements which became significantly smaller and frmer. She is now a normal weight and her coat is fuller and healthier.”

Catherine S. Bowe, Dallas

“Simba my 4 1/2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback is picky concerning his food. In addition, he has had digestive issues all his life and I have never found a cure. We were able to transition him to a raw diet without any tummy troubles; the food actually seems to solve the ever present problem of loose stools. He loves this food! I’ve never seen him go so crazy over just seeing food packaging! I’m so glad to finally find a food that he loves and that’s good for him.”

Jennifer L. Graul, Dallas

“The raw-food diet has improved so many things for our dog, Wilma. She was an extremely picky eater and would never finish a meal (we hoped for her to finish half!) With the raw-food diet, she finishes all of her meals within minutes, and I am sure wants more. Since going on the raw-food diet, we have also noticed she is more energetic and playful. She has had no health problems and is overall a more well-adjusted dog. We are so happy with the raw food results! Thank you. “

Caroline Lerner Perel, Dallas

“We are total fans of the raw-food diet. In a training session with Susan I mentioned that Harper, our 10-month-old Golden Retriever, was not fetching the ball with the enthusiasm I had seen in the past. Rather, she would jog to the ball, sniff it and then begin to eat grass. Susan said it might be Harper’s food and she might have bellyaches. Susan suggested I tray raw food. We took some raw food home and haven’t looked back since. Harper has more ‘good’ energy, she fetches at the park and then comes home to snooze. She loves mealtime and her coat is soft and shiny! I would highly recommend a raw-food diet to dog owners!”

DeeDee Owen, Dallas