A New “Leash” on Life

By Randi Bildner

The Best Friends Training Partners Program has done an incredible job of uniting wonderful trainers with dogs in need.

Training partners are very special people who run the gamut – from working miracles with their incredible techniques to simply providing dogs with something they may have never had – love.

The knowledge and expertise exhibited by these trainers has been evident in each interview for the Training Partner stories. But, in addition to this, I have encountered something unexpected: a genuine sense of pride and love for these dogs. Each time I speak with a trainer, the sense that, their dog – their partner, is special has been conveyed.

Through our warm, fun and caring conversations it has been understood that each dog has been considered an individual.

To no one’s surprise, the majority of the dogs involved in the program are pit bulls or other poorly maligned breeds. The Training Partners themselves, through their zealous and creative actions, are working to change this perception.

Training Partners have educated the public by bringing out the best in their dogs. The training provided has proven that dogs who may have been considered hopeless by some can make wonderful companions.

The trainers have been successful at giving these dogs a fresh start –spreading the word, literally showing them off!

Training Partner, Susan Strough, is a perfect example of the professionalism and dedication of the men and women in this program. Strough, who said she considers it a privilege to be part of the program, thinks that her partner, Dozer –a senior pit bull, is a very special boy.

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