Here are photos of some Canines First graduates. To submit a photo of your graduate, please email it to Canines First.


Simba was trained as a puppy by  Susan.  He’s pictured here with his “sister” Abby.

Troy and Nola

Troy and Nola belong to Steven and Tammy from Dallas.  Troy struggled with shyness and a lack of confidence before completing another round of obedience training.  Nola was a young rescue Steven and Tammy had recently acquired.  As a young German Shepherd mix, she was full of energy and very attached to her new owners.  Nola went through an obedience program so that Steven and Tammy could manage, control and redirect her energy.  Nola went on to complete the Remote Control class with Tammy.


Beacon is a young dog who came to Canines First with fearful aggressive behavior toward dogs.  He spent a week with us focusing his efforts on overcoming his fear of other canines and learning appropriate social skills.


Molly was just a young pup when she completed her first obedience program.  She excelled and went on to complete the second program.


Pauline was discovered by our owner when she saw Pauline struggling to cope in a doggie day care environment. She would run around in circles barking anytime she was confronted with a stranger entering the room. After some research, Susan learned that Pauline had been struggling with fearful aggressive behavior toward strangers for some time. Pauline was entered into the deluxe program where she tightened her obedience skills and learned acceptable coping responses for her fear. Her time was also used to put more socialization under her belt in order to learn how to trust and enjoy new people.

Bo, Mia and Skye

All from the same household, each of these dogs struggled with different issues. Skye, a very confident young dog, worked with Canines First in the CGC program and spent time with the trainers at the Canines First facility to refine her recall prior to taking her exam. Mia was terribly shy to the point of being aggressive when confronted by a stranger. She spent several days at Canines First undergoing socialization with humans. After her stint at Canines First she was able to pass her CGC exam. Bo is a very talented Search and Rescue dog who was struggling with his inappropriate reaction to other dogs while working in the field. Canines First spent a few days with Bo teaching him how to deal with his reaction to other dogs. When Canines First was finished working with Bo they spent time with Bo and his owners to teach them how to continue the work on their own.


Rascal was well-trained when he came to Canines First, but he was struggling with canine aggression. He spent several days at Canines First working on his social skills. Several months later, Rascal returned to undergo off-leash training with the use of a remote collar. After ridding Rascal of some obnoxious and dangerous behaviors, he was able to return to the dog park. With the use of the remote trainer, his owner can now control him under any circumstance.

Kacee and Darby

Kacee and Darby came together like the Brady Bunch. He brought his dog to the marriage, and she brought hers. But that is where the Brady Bunch similarity ends. The dogs couldn’t get along, and the strife was putting a great deal of pressure on the new marriage. Darby would attack Kacee every chance he got. After undergoing three weeks of social rehabilitation, Darby and Kacee are now getting along like canine brothers and sisters should. They wait for each other to go outside, dine together in the kitchen, playfully chase each other around the house and lie next to each other on their dog beds. They were a delight to work with, and everyone at Canines First is glad they got the chance to do so.