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Here are guidelines on scrutinizing dog-walking services

Last week, I visited a popular Dallas dog park with two of my students on two separate days. I broke one of my dog park rules rules upon arrival. Rule No. 1: Observe Before Entering: If I practiced what I preach on those days instead of letting my busy schedule get the best of me I

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Accepting Limitations for Aggressive Dogs

A client contacted me recently because his dog that I had trained two or three years ago has had a couple of incidents of aggression in the last couple of weeks. I read the email once and absorbed the emotion and urgency of the situation as concerns of litigation and euthanasia (forced or voluntary) were

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Professional Sitter or Uncle Bob?

I received an email from a client over the weekend. He explained that his dog, one that I had worked with, had died while being cared for by a friend. Apparently the dog got away from his friend out-of-doors and was hit by a car. Another one of my clients lost a dog they adopted

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