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To Neuter or not To Neuter

I grew up living amongst intact dogs. I never knew there was another way until it was time for me to own my first dog as an adult. By that time I had left Oklahoma and was living in the progressive thinking city of Dallas, Texas. I was introduced to a culture of sterility among

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Little Dogs Need Training Too

My friend that owns a pet sitting/dog walking company called me last week. The first words out of her mouth when I said “hello” were “I want you to write a blog telling people to train their little dogs”. She was exasperated. She had been walking her client’s dogs. The Golden Retriever had been trained

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One of my clients told me a story of how her granddaughter was “muzzle-punched” by one of her dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend. A muzzle punch is when a dog hits you with the end of its muzzle as a warning.  She told me her, her family, her granddaughter and her dogs were all in

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